Local Food: Two Of Our Favorite Spots For Munchies Near Renton

Getting high and stuffing your face with great munchies is one of the blessings of living on the West Coast. After stopping by Emerald Haze to stock up, you’ll have a litany of options to choose from concerning your food options. However, we have to recommend Lori’s Roasted Garlic Potato Chips or their Sweet Potato Chips as a pairing with any dining experience.

Otherwise, Agro Couture’s Orangeade flower remains an ideal pairing for most meals, unless you want to get a little crazier and try out Banano Bud’s Chocolope. No matter what you need, we’ll set you straight at Emerald Haze. Now, here are two of our favorite digs for food around town! 

Garlic Crush

Image via Seattle Times

Keep it classy with some Mediterranean munchies, and your stomach will thank you. Garlic Crush has a few locations throughout Washington; Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, and Seattle. They keep it consistent, offering hummus and shwarmas throughout the state. Available through Doordash but also open for business inside, Garlic Crush keeps a casual atmosphere while offering real food. 

Originally founded in 2008 by a Microsoft employee, Matt Jabbour, from Lebanon, has created a Washington staple. Starting with a grocery store offering artisan meals, his business grew until he knew there was a demand for authentic Mediterranean food in the Pacific Northwest. 

For picky eaters and connoisseurs alike, Mediterranean food is a blessing. With basic options such as hummus and falafel sandwiches, everyone is sure to find something, although most of the options do include pickles. However, Garlic Crush expertly balances the palate of their offerings and includes solid seasoning. Check them out for affordable, casual, and authentic dining. 

Ezell’s Famous Chicken


If you’re looking for truly well done and scrumptious Fried Chicken, Ezell’s has you more than covered! With free delivery on Doordash, Ezell’s remains one of Washinton’s classic fast-casual dining experiences. Ezell’s has been featured countless times and dined on by celebrities more than once. Their chicken can’t be beaten. If you’ve got a hunger that can’t be quenched, end it with Ezell’s excellent deals on chicken and homestyle sides. Either drive by for quick service, or toke up, order delivery, and get lazy.