How To Identify Different Types Of Oil In Cannabis Cartridges

Emerald Haze is your place to find the most premium cannabis products in Renton. Our goal is not only to provide safe access to cannabis but also to educate our customers on different types of products. Vape cartridges are one of the sleekest and most discreet ways to get high, but there are several types of oil that could be inside. 

Distillate Cartridges

For most stoners, distillate cartridges were their introduction into vape pens. These cartridges are created by distilling pure THC from a given strain. While incredibly effective, these carts may not necessarily provide a strain-specific experience, unless they have cannabis-derived terpenes. 

To counteract this, producers such as Canna Organix offer distillate carts enhanced with cannabis-derived terpenes. The added terpenes are strain-specific, so they are meant to mimic the natural profile of the plant. If a package says the cart contains “natural terpenes” then they’re most likely from a botanical source. While perhaps not perfectly like the flowers they are extracted from, distillate carts are often the strongest on the market. 

Live Resin Cartridges are Tasteful and Artisan

The keyword in live resin is the word “live.” This extraction process also utilizes butane as a solvent to create BHO, but it uses real cannabis nugs that are flash-frozen at harvest. This preserves the cannabis at its peak levels of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids to ensure potency and flavor. At Emerald Haze, we carry Leafwerx’s 9lb Hammer and Candy Apple live resin carts. 

CBD Cartridges

CBD cartridges might be your new best friend. These products can be up to 10:1 CBD to THC, such as Harmony Farm’s Remedy. Evohaler has an even more purist CBD inhaler, which allows for a clean and safe way to get a CBD fix. CBD is the prevailing non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that has a strong potential to produce anti-inflammatory effects. Many smokers might find vaping CBD to be a welcoming alternative that doesn’t get them too high to function.