Hella Loud Is Pumping Out Flavorful Exotics For Washington’s Cannasseurs

Hella Loud is one of the top-tier cannabis brands we carry at Emerald Haze. Their background is grassroots in every sense of the word as they made their journey into i502. This producer/processor operates out of a sizeable indoor grow pumping out some of the most popular genetics currently available. Hella Loud brings tremendous experience to the table when it comes to producing high-quality cannabis flower, blunts, and pre-rolls. We’re proud to offer an array of their products at Emerald Haze

What Hella Loud brings to the table is attention to detail and price-points that reflect connoisseur quality. They also keep in mind the interests of the serious smokers out there, popping all of the newest and greatest strains. With the ability to maintain total environmental control by growing indoors, Hella Loud is bringing straight heat to the table with each of their drops. This is the kind of flower you treat yourself to after a long week, or when you want to impress your friends with some serious gas. Consider their pre-rolled blunts for the next private smoke sesh.

The first thing you’ll notice about Hella Loud when you enter our shop is their packaging. In a nature that’s also loud, this brand creates custom and attention-grabbing artwork for each of their products. Vibrant colors, big fonts, and often tongue-in-cheek humor accompany their packaging. In the same way they grab your attention with their packaging, the weed will also make your eyes widen.

Lucid Blue Dream Strain by Hella Loud

Image via @hellaloudofficial

Find Hella Loud Products At Emerald Haze

You can find a favorable selection of Hella Loud’s products at Emerald Haze. A few of their standout flower strains include Zkittles Punch, Mochi Gelato, Mendo Breath, King’s Kush, and Lucid Blue Dream. They’re nary cultivating a strain that doesn’t have an exotic twist to it. You can also find their Zkittles Punch, Mochi Gelato, and Lucid Blue Dream in their pre-rolled blunt 2 packs for an agreeable price.