Emerald Haze Loyalty Program: Join The Family and Save Big

Emerald Haze is your headquarters in Renton for the highest quality cannabis goods at the most competitive prices. We strive to give our customers a pleasant shopping experience not just the first, but every single time they visit. Aside from our killer daily deals on specific product categories, we incentivize our customers to come back through our loyalty program. With every dollar spent, you earn points towards some of the best savings available at our dispensary.

Points are the name of the game, and for every dollar you spend at Emerald Haze—you earn a single point. By reaching 100 points you’re able to secure 10% off of your total purchase. Find your way to 200 points, and you can score 15% off of your purchase. And finally, if you can reach 400 total points, we’re extending 25% off your entire purchase. We seriously appreciate our returning customers, and this is one of the ways that we like to show it.

Utilizing your loyalty points for a discount on your purchase cannot be combined with any other sale going on in the store. That means if you’re taking advantage of the daily rotating sales in the store you won’t be able to combine both deals. Our best recommendation is to save up your points for that 25% off reward and using it to save on a larger purchase. You could also use it to save on that top-shelf product you’ve been eyeing for ages.

We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of our online menu for checking inventory before you come to the store. Online orders are available from 8 am to 11 pm so you have time to come by and quickly pick up your products before or after work.

Emerald Haze Loyalty Program

$1=1 Point

100 points=10% off

200 points=15% off

400 points=25% off

*All sales are final and other in-store deals are not combinable with redeeming loyalty points.