C4 Canna Burst: Vegan, Gluten-Free Fruit Chews That Pack A Punch

C4 Canna Burst is a Washington-based cannabis brand that produces a number of enjoyable vegan and gluten-free fruit chews. What they provide hungry cannabis consumers is both options for flavors and a variety of strengths of THC and/or CBD. The first thing that catches your eye is their colorful packaging, then, the creative alliterations they’ve come up with for the names. With flavors like “Berry Blast,” “Grape Grenade,” and “Strawberry Surge,” you feel like you’re buying grown-up Gushers.

On our menu, you’ll find a full representation of the delectable fruit chews C4 Canna Burst has been carefully crafting. With each of their fruit chews, you might be getting not only a different flavor but also a varying level of cannabinoids. Their edible fruit chews range in strength from 20mg THC 2-packs to 100mg 10-packs. There’s also a bevy of high CBD options that vary in flavor but boast 20:1 or 19:1 CBD:THC ratios. Many of our older customers love the high CBD fruit chews from C4 for the ability to microdose them in the evening. We’ve given you a few recommendations from our staff below from C4 Canna Burst that might be your next ticket to a restful evening.

Grape Grenade Indica Fruit Chews

100mg THC, 10-pack. C4 Canna Burst delivers on delicious grape flavors with this gluten-free vegan fruit chew. Their Grape Grenade indica chews are easy to eat and come with 10mg of THC per chew in a 10-pack totaling 100mg of THC. Be careful with these ones, they might make you pass out.

Watermelon Whizbang CBD Fruit Chew

2-pack and 10-pack, 19:1 CBD:THC Those looking for a tasty treat and a sizeable dose of CBD should consider C4’s Watermelon Whizbangs. These CBD fruit chews come with a 19:1 ratio of CBD:THC in either 2-packs or 10-packs. You’ll be able to taste serious flavor with these Whizbangs and maybe find the tension release you’ve been searching for.

Mango Mortar Sativa Fruit Chews

20mg THC, 2-pack Who doesn’t love mangos? C4 Canna Burst hit the mark with their Mango Mortar Sativa Fruit Chews. These chews might charge you up with euphoric energy that can help you take on the day. The delicious mango flavor might only add to the smile these chews bring to your face. 

Berry Bomb CBD Fruit Chews

20:2 CBD:THC, 2-pack, 10-pack. With a name like “Berry Bomb” you can infer a few things about the product. C4 delivers with their Berry Bomb CBD Fruit Chews in a way that satisfies your cravings for berry flavors, and potent CBD effects. With a 20:2 ratio of CBD:THC, these fruit chews might deliver the 1-2 punch that sends you straight to bed.