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At Emerald Haze, customer care is our modus operandi. That’s why our focus will always be on making you feel like you’re a part of our family. When we see you, we see a friend, not a dollar sign. We know that without our valued customers and valued employees alike, we simply could not thrive as a business, and we take that very seriously.

That’s why, when you come to the Emerald Haze facility in Renton, WA, we want it to feel warm and welcoming, not cold and uninviting like so many other shops we’ve seen. In short, we want to provide you with a home away from home. You’ll always be greeted with a smile, and you’ll feel that infectious energy only we bring to the table.

You can trust that our tenured and knowledgeable staff will have the answers to all of your questions, and suggestions whenever you find yourself uncertain or on the fence. Ensuring you have the best possible experience isn’t just our goal, but our guarantee. Our responsibility will always be to you, and we will never concede these core values. At Emerald Haze, you come first. Period.

Our Employees

As a local mom and pop shop we consider our customers to be part of the Emerald Haze family. High-quality cannabis at an affordable price and great customer service is a top priority. Our employee’s are friendly, have experience and backgrounds within the cannabis community, and are well educated about our products and how to use them.

They are passionate about cannabis and enjoy helping customers find the right products for their particular needs. Each customer is treated as an individual with unique tastes and preferences and offered the best product while considering both quality and budget.

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